York Antiquarian Book Seminar Scholarship for Women

The Second Shelf is a new business dedicated to selling and championing rare books, first editions, and rediscovered work by women. In consideration of the historic imbalance and inequality of women in the book trade, and also in the interest of providing access to women who might otherwise not be able to afford to attend York Antiquarian Books Seminar, September 10-12, 2018, The Second Shelf will provide tuition fees and four nights accommodation to a woman wishing to pursue her personal or professional interest in rare books. The accommodation will be booked and paid for on your behalf.

To apply for the please send a brief cover letter to with personal background and a statement of interest in rare books (cv optional) and how scholarship would assist in your pursuits.

Applications to arrive no later than Friday 1st June 2018 – the recipient will be notified by June 15, 2018.